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The Dusk Continent is the fifth continent to become available in Idle Miner Tycoon.

You need 10.8ai Dawn Cash to unlock the Dusk Continent. Here you collect Dusk Cash which is only valid on the Dusk Continent / for Dusk/purple items like Dusk Research Points (purple Skill Points).

The Dusk Continent has 5 different mines:

  • Fluorite Mine
  • Quartz Mine
  • Aragonite Mine
  • Beryl Mine
  • Calcite Mine

All 5 mines have a unique and different design.

The costs to unlock the mines are:

  • Fluorite Mine - free when you unlock the Dusk Continent
  • Quartz Mine - 532ac
  • Aragonite Mine - 5.46af
  • Beryl Mine - 3.52ai
  • Calcite Mine - 35.7ak

When you have all 5 mines unlocked, you can tap on the "$ Collect" button on the right of the world map:


  • press the green "Collect" button to receive all your Idle Dusk Cash
  • press the "Boost All!" button to get an ad boost for all 5 mines at once!