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Welcome to the Idle Miner Tycoon Wiki, a knowledge base dedicated to the addictive mobile game from Kolibri Games!

Have you always dreamed of owning a mine? With Idle Miner Tycoon you can build your own mining empire and become an industrial tycoon. On this wiki you can be part of an amazing community, learn more about the game and help with sharing game knowledge!

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Idle Miner Tycoon, or IMT, is a free-to-play mobile game for Android and iOS. IMT was officially released on the 1st July 2016 by Kolibri Games. The game gets updated every 1-2 weeks.

Game Overview

First, you start off with a brand new Coal Mine - the first mine on the Start Continent, and you have to operate the miners by tapping on them. Once you earn a little Cash, you can hire managers to automate the workflow. With managers in your mineshafts, elevator, and warehouse, you will earn Idle Cash whenever the game is closed!

Now you need to open more mineshafts, level them up, and also level up your elevator and warehouse. If you encounter any barriers, you will need to unlock them (with time & patience, watching ads, or Super Cash) before you can open another mineshaft. Over time you will earn enough Cash to open the second mine on the Start Continent - the Gold Mine! In the Gold Mine, do the same as in your Coal Mine - tap on the miners, earn some Cash, hire managers, and keep leveling up to earn more Cash! After these first two mines, there are loads more mines to open up on the Main Continents - there are 5 mines per Continent and all of these Continents right now:

But that's only the beginning! While playing in your mines, you may want to earn even more Cash. You can do this by using Instant Cash tokens, or boost tokens, or by buying permanent boosts like the permanent 2x Cash from the in-game shop. Remember to make use of Edgar the Mole for some extra Cash and other items too! Check out other in-game items here and here.

What else is there to do? Absolutely loads! Check out this awesome list with one-liner info about what it is, and have fun exploring this wiki and Idle Miner Tycoon itself!

  • Ad Boosts - reduce waiting time, claim items like extra Chests, all through watching one video ad
  • Ancient Continent - the 6th Main Continent in the game
  • Artifacts - uncover these by completing specific in-game tasks, then use their bonuses to increase productivity
  • Boosts - use these to temporarily increase your productivity
  • Cash - the most important thing! Earn Cash from your mines and use it to keep growing and upgrading your empire
  • Chests / Collectibles - get Collectible cards from Chests, and use these to change how your miners dress / what bonuses they give
  • Currencies - each Continent has its own currency, learn about them here
  • Daily Reward - get different rewards for logging in to the game every day
  • Dawn Continent - the 4th Main Continent in the game
  • Dusk Continent - the 5th Main Continent in the game
  • Edgar the Mole - an adorable little helper who pops up in your mines, and his event Edgar's Extravaganza, to give you free items
  • Elemental Affinities - in Elemental Mode, your Super Managers have affinities (links) to specific Elements
  • Elemental Continents - the Continents in Elemental Mode, which is a separate game mode/progression to the Main Continents
  • Elemental Mines - the mines on the Elemental Continents
  • Elemental Mode - a separate game mode/progression to the Main Continents
  • Elevator - the second most important part of your mines - how the resources get taken from the mineshafts to the surface
  • Equipment - you can craft Equipment for your Super Managers to give them extra bonuses
  • Essences - part of Elemental Mode, you can use these in Fragment Crafting to gain extra Super Manager Fragments
  • Event Badges - collect Participation, Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Elite badges when completing the weekly Event Mines
  • Event Mines - weekly themed mines which are separate to your Main Continents mines
  • Event Seasons - every month the themed Event Mines will join together in the Event Season, where you can collect points for extra rewards
  • Expeditions - if you add friends to the game, you can all go on Expeditions to claim extra rewards
  • Fire Continent - the 3rd Main Continent in the game
  • Fragment Crafting - part of Elemental Mode, use this feature to gain extra Super Manager Fragments
  • Fragments - jigsaw pieces which let you unlock (and rank up) your Super Managers
  • Frontier Mine - a recurring event, separate to Main Continents and Event Mines, where you travel to another world to terraform the planet
  • Frost Continent - the 2nd Elemental Mode Continent (the Elemental version of the normal Ice Continent)
  • Fundamental Gameplay - the basics of the game, for an overview
  • Gems - they come in Green, Red, and Blue and you get them in the Mainland Mines, use them to unlock, level up, and promote Super Managers
  • General Mechanics - a general overview of mechanics and features in the game
  • Get Super Managers - how to get the awesome Super Managers
  • Ice Continent - the 2nd Main Continent in the game
  • Idle Cash - the Cash you earn when you have hired managers in your mines and you then leave the game
  • Impossible Island - play if you dare! This set of mines is extremely difficult, but rewards you with Medals for Legendary Super Managers
  • Instant Cash - use these tokens to gain extra Cash in an instant
  • Items A-M - an overview of some in-game items
  • Items N-Z - an overview of some in-game items
  • Key Forge - here you will create the Keys you need to unlock the deadly Impossible Island
  • Level/Rank Up Super Managers - once you've hired Super Managers, you can level them up and rank them up to make them stronger
  • Lost Desert Continent - the 7th Main Continent in the game
  • Main Continents - currently 8 Main Continents in the main game mode
  • Mainland Mines - separate mines which reward you with Gems for unlocking, leveling up, and promoting your Super Managers
  • Managers - the normal Managers which have very basic skills, great to fill the gaps in your Super Manager setups
  • Medals - earn these on the Impossible Island and unlock Legendary Super Managers with them
  • Mine Shafts - the first most important part of each of your mines! Unlock as many as possible to get earning Cash
  • Mining Strategies - some helpful strategies from savvy players
  • Mystery Boost Tickets - use these to gain a new boost at random
  • Nature Continent - the 1st continent in Elemental Mode
  • Official FAQ - lots of hints and tips directly from the Kolibri Support Team
  • Official IMT Communities - join with other players in interactive community settings like Discord and Facebook
  • Permanent Boosts - ways to permanently increase your Cash production, for example
  • Permanent Upgrades - items such as Artifacts which give you permanent bonuses
  • Pouches - part of Elemental Mode, a way to gain Essences
  • Power Crystals - related to the Gems from the Mainland Mines, Power Crystals give you a big boost for your Super Manager hiring
  • Prestige - you can reset your mines and start them from the beginning but with a higher Cash production each time
  • Recurring Events - plenty of events like the Lucky Wheel, Sue's Treasure Trials, and many more are great challenges and places to earn rewards
  • Research - collect Research Points and invest them wisely to unlock permanent bonuses/skills
  • Research Points - used for the Research mentioned above
  • Social Features - play with friends for more fun and more rewards
  • Start Continent (Grass) - the 1st Main Continent in the game
  • Super Cash - the extra-special currency you can use all over the game
  • Super Managers - your team of superstars, ready to bring extra skills to their mineshafts, elevators and warehouses
  • The Shop - where you can claim free daily rewards or buy extra items and permanent boosts
  • Tokens - use these to open Briefcases which then give you treasured Fragments for your Super Managers
  • Travel Panel - use this panel to navigate around the game more easily - it's a big world!
  • Troubleshooting - some hints and tips, and don't forget the official FAQ
  • Underwater Continent - the 8th Main Continent in the game
  • Universal Points - use these to claim Research Points of any color
  • Warehouse - the third most important part of the mines - where your mined resources get added to your total!